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In 2015, with the clothing business as the key point, the Myanmar office was set up, and gradually began to explore the Cambodian processing model for bags and luggage business.


In 2015, Zhejiang International Business Dairy Co., Ltd. was registered and officially opened.


In 2016, the volume of meat imports quadrupled within five years, and the annual volume of meat imports was 60 million U.S. dollars, accounting for 73.20% of the company's total imports.


In 2017, company leaders accompanied the provincial government delegation led by Governor Yuan Jiajun to the Czech Republic to participate in the "2017 China Investment Forum" and introduced Czech dairy products projects.


In 2017, the scale of imports and exports exceeded 700 million U.S. dollars, another record high.


In 2017, in accordance with the requirements of the group's "transformation, development, and breakthrough" strategy, Zhejiang Orient Light Industry and China International Economic & Technical Corporation co., ltd..joined the native produce family. In 2019, Zhejiang Sunny Import and Export Co., Ltd. joined the native produce family.


In 2017, Zhejiang Tuxu Kaixing Animal Products Co., Ltd. opened, Tonglu Kaisheng Animal by-product Processing Co., Ltd.'s heparin sodium technological transformation project was completed, and the "integration of science, industry and trade" business model continued to develop.


In 2017, the R&D and design center for women's fashion shoes was established in Dongguan, which effectively improved the professionalism and core competitiveness of women's fashion shoes.


In 2017, Hangzhou Hitex Testing successfully obtained the CMA certificate issued by the Provincial Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau.


In 2018, company leaders accompanied the provincial business delegation led by the secretary of Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee  Che Jun to visit South Africa to introduce high-quality wine and beef , promoted China-Africa trade cooperation.


In 2018, participated in the first China International Import Expo and signed a $40 million agreement with global meat giants.


In 2018, as one of the national representative companies for inspection, Kaixing Animal by-product successfully passed the casing quality system inspection of the EU Health and Food Safety Directorate. In November, it passed the South Korean inspection team for the registration inspection of South Korean casing enterprises.


In 2019, Kaixing Animal by-product passed the BRC certification of the global food quality system. In June, as one of the representative companies for the national inspection, it became the first company in the country to successfully passed the US Department of Agriculture inspection and obtained the authorization certificate on the spot.

In 2019, Che Jun, the secretary general of the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee, inspected the company's textile and garment business department and testing center , giving a high degree of recognition.



In 2011, the annual export scale exceeded US$500 million for the first time, and was jointly awarded the title of "National Key Leading Enterprise in Agricultural Industrialization" by eight ministries and commissions including the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Commerce, which became a new milestone in the company's development history;


In 2012, formulate and promulgate the "one entity and two wings" business development idea of exporting main business, importing domestic trade and industrial investment.


In 2013, the scale of import and export exceeded US$600 million, a record high.


In 2014, Lanxi Anza Huilong's 4000-square-meter factory roof project and Lanxi Duntou new plant completed the acceptance.


In 2014, the testing center passed the national laboratory CNAS certification and cooperated with the international testing giant TUV , established  Hangzhou Hitex Technology  Co.,ltd .



 In 2007, it passed the ISO9001: 2000 quality system certification.


 In 2009, the new management policy of "quality, safety, large scale, and efficiency" was determined, and "quality" was added to the management policy and put it first.


In 2009, the company completed the reform of the company system and was renamed as "Zhejiang Native Produce and Animal by-product Import and Export Group Co., Ltd.".


In 2009, Zhejiang Casing Animal By-- products Co., Ltd., the casing processing base, was established. In the same year, a Sino-German joint venture Kaide Casing Co., Ltd. was established.


 In 2009, Hangzhou V-day footwear Co., Ltd., the industrial and mining shoe processing base, was established, set up the early pattern of industry and trade integration of the company relying on two paint brush production bases, one casing production base, one clothing production base and one footwear production base .



In 2001, it was renamed "Zhejiang Native Produce and Animal by-product Import and Export Group Co. ltd", and became the only AA enterprise awarded by Hangzhou Customs among Zhejiang provincial foreign trade companies.


In 2002, two Sino-foreign joint venture brush-making bases in Lanxi were put into production.


In 2003, the Enlargement Committee of the Party Committee studied the investment in Tonglu base (Kaisheng prototype), centered on an industrial chain (clothing production, scientific research center), supported product innovation, promoted the company's sustainable development, and gradually established a priority road for industry and trade tax rebates.



In 1995, tried to reform the internal system and set up "Zhejiang Native Produce and Animal by-product Import and Export Carpet Co., Ltd.", "Zhejiang Native Produce and Animal by-product Import and Export Leather Co., Ltd.", and "Zhejiang Native Produce and Animal by-product Import and Export Animal by-Products Co., Ltd." ,three limited liability companies.


In 1996, the export exceeded 200 million US dollars for the first time that year, and the business policy of "safety, large--scale and efficiency" was established.


In 1997, it began to implement the management mode of "centralized guidance, branch operation, and unified management", and won the honor of "National Advanced Collective of Foreign Economic and Trade System" that year.


In 1998, the internal system reform was deepened, and the three limited liability companies were renamed ‘Zhejiang WILLING”“Zhejiang “G&B”, “G&F”, established an operational organizational framework centered on subsidiaries, and implemented a dynamic equity incentive mechanism.


In 1999, the export exceeded US$300 million for the first time , and the company's new building was officially completed and settled in.



  • On February 28, 1975,  “ China National Native Produce and Animal By-product Import and Export Corporation Zhejiang Branch" was established, and the China National Native Produce and Animal by-product Corporation implemented unified revenue and expenditure, and was responsible for all profits and losses.

  •  In 1988, it was decoupled from the central finance, and accounted independently. It changed its name to "Zhejiang Native Produce and  Animal by-product Import and Export Company", and obtained the right to operate import and export independently.


  • In 1989, the adjustment of the department settings started the horizontal expansion of animal products from scratch (increased the commodity group), and the first casing container was shipped in May.


  •  In 1989, the "Tongxiang Conference", which was a turning point in the history of the development of Zhejiang native produce and animal by-products I/E Group Co., Ltd., . The conference decided to "accelerate the development of export of animal by--products , stabilize the export of native produce, and through the export of native produce and animal products by 2-3 years", The original export ratio of animal by-products/native produce was adjusted from 35:65 to 60:40, and achieve export amount of 100 million US dollars and an overall improvement in economic benefits. In terms of the development of commodity management, the company is determined that in the next ten years, it will stick to the "T"-shaped expansion path, cultivate commodities vertically, strengthen and expand commodities horizontally, cultivate one commodity by commodity, to form characteristic method in long-term development . 

  •  In 1991, the US$100 million export target set by the "Tongxiang Conference" was completed ahead of schedule. The company started to implement a new financial accounting system of "self-management, self-financing", set up four new animal products departments (Animal by--products, Leather Products, Furs, Downs), and native products, including bee products, gardening products, and salted vegetables. As a representative, it completed the adjustment of the commodity structure,  realized the specialization of department commodity export; and became the benchmark of the country's native and animal by-products  industry.


  • In 1992, with the improvement of the commodity supply system, the development idea of integrating industry and trade began to form. According to the needs of the scale of commodity operation, 8 directly affiliated suppliers such as the animal by- product processing (casing), brush-making, clothing processing, etc.were successively established from 1992: Zhejiang Weili Animal Products Processing Co., Ltd. (Daguan warehouse in 1994, 1996), Lanxi Duntou Brush Co., Ltd., Lanxi Anza Huilong Brush Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Yanijia Garment Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Arca Footwear Co., Ltd., Bangladesh factory.

  • Since the 1990s, it has successively set up offices (factories) in Eastern Europe (Russia, Poland, Hungary), Latin America (Brazil) and Bangladesh to explore the market.