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As for the vice president unit of “CHINA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE FOR IMPORT AND EXPORT OF FOODSTUFFS, NATIVE PRODUCE AND ANIMAL BY-PRODUCTS”, we have focused on food trade for more than 40 years, committing to pursuing product quality, variety and great service, striving to build a "one-stop" efficient procurement platform for customers.

Products and OEM service we are offering:

Honey and bee products include honey, royal jelly, beeswax and other bee products. Canned products, canned fish, canned caviar( LAILA caviar, made of Russian sturgeon, hybrid sturgeon, Huso dauricus and Acipenser schrenckii, etc.); canned tomato paste, canned beans, canned mushrooms and other canned vegetables; canned orange, canned litchi, canned yellow peach and other canned fruits. Seasoning products, Ketchup, MSG, seasoning cube, etc.Tea drinks contain Chinese green tea, black tea, instant ginger tea and flower tea etc. Our food products are exported to Europe, Africa, the Middle East, East and Southeast Asia and other parts of the world.

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