Business Scope
technology leading
innovation driven

A key national leading enterprise in agricultural industrialization, a key import supply chain platform in Zhejiang Province, and a major imported meat supplier in Zhejiang. Specializing in the self-operated distribution of agricultural products and food, as well as integrated supply chain integration services such as import agent, brand operation, logistics and customs clearance, etc., it has established stable cooperative relations with domestic large-scale supermarkets, chain restaurants, government and enterprise units, with annual imports of 100-200 million US dollars. Meat products include beef, pig by-products, chicken by-products and other meat products and aquatic products. The main suppliers are MARFRIG and BRF; wine products including branded wines such as Gihaberton, 1888, Omega, etc.; dairy product scales are the largest in Italy Dairy products company Granano and Czech Republic’s largest dairy product company Madeta, two major brands, as well as Italian COOP supermarkets, American Mars Wrigley and other supermarkets, candy and chocolate and other food products.

Products And Brands